Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Final Presentation - The Olympians!

The Finished Time Machine Presentation

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  1. Feedback on presentation 3.3.11:

    Well done Olympians - this was a lively presentation with a great deal of cultural, political and social context. The combination of facts and anecdotal information was strong, as were the slides themselves - an excellent balance of images and information, very clearly presented, often in ways that were visually stimulating in themselves.
    The discussions of the material were very clear, and a good effort was made by all in this regard. The political contextualisation was particularly well handled and of great interest.
    Just a couple of developmental points - the timing was out - you had to 'gonged off', unfortunately..and there was a bit of repetition, which indicated a degree of non-joined-up thinking between you as a group. This was a minor piece of repetition but it's important to get things like this right so as not to undermine otherwise very good work. Well done.