Monday, 28 February 2011

Finishing the work...

Hi after the meeting today being cancelled at the last minute I really need to know when we are going to have a meeting to put our presentations together and run through it, as we really don't have alot of time left!!
I also noticed that no one else has pur their presentations up like you asked so we can't tell each other how to link them all together...?
Please can we sort this all out asap?

Thursday, 24 February 2011

To blog your presentation step by step

Scribd can be found here:

Basically signing up which is free. In the top section of the page between the Scribd logo and the search bar is an upload button. Click this to be sent to an upload page and click the upload button again to choose your powerpoint presentation from your folders. After uploading your presentation to scribd you will need to get the embed code to put into the blog. To do this view your presentation and then click the embed button on the bottom taskbar

Then with the little options that come up: facebook, twitter etc. choose the embed option and you will come across this screen - 
Now create a new post for the blog and then paste in the embed code. It should produce the code to make the presentation appear on the page

Click preview to make sure that this works and then publish post.

Hopefully you can understand this fine if not comment or post up and hopefully I can help. Sorry for the writing on the images being scrappy, touchpads are hard to paint with.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Helpful article for me and Nuria

The commercialization of the Olympics: Cities, corporations and the Olympic commodity

Very helpful article which I feel I can definitely use in the summarising of the gold medals basically the Olympics becoming less and less about the celebration of great athletes and their gold medal achievements but focusing on commercialisation.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Meeting Times

I think we are all aware that the work is piling up and we've got less time than ever. But we still need to make time for this research. I met up with Tracy Ashmore (Essay lady)  this morning, and if anyone has seen her before, you would understand her brutal but understandable timetable making system. In my new timetable Tracy has given me the following times for me to get together with you lot to sort this presentation out.

Thursday 24th 12-2
Monday 28th 10-12

If anyone has any problems with these times please let me know.

On a Urgent note we really need to get a crack on with this and have it done!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tomorrows meeting

11-2 Hopefully everyone still has this time free tomorrow so I will see you in the library then we can chat about our findings. Thanks

A helpful article

Hi Guys I've just come across this article titled 'Marxist Theories of Sport: Nation, Commerce and Pleasure'. I think it might be quite helpful to both Max and Nuria....

Marxist Theories of Sport: Nation, Commerce and Pleasure

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A talk with Tutor Chris

After Group D's seminar today Chris and I had a chat with Tutor Chris in response to the four sections which we will be looking individually at for our presentation. We explained to him about the troubled timetable as both Rhyan and Nuria struggle to be free due to workshops which can change frequently and he agreed that an individual effort which then turned into a collaborative effort would work well. This would also make sure that everyone had their say in the presentation. I spoke to Chris in our group afterwards and I feel that tomorrows meeting would not be efficient or successful so instead of a meeting tomorrow I suggest we wait until Monday between 11 and 2 so we have a weekend to come up with lots of research to talk about with each and discuss any other places which an individual could search into for their chosen topic within the Olympic Games. Hopefully Nuria and Rhyan can see this message and apologies to you all for this late decision. I just feel that it would be practical for everyone as I know of the timetable issues we all share.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tomorrow 11 til 2 meet up

After our meet up the other day at the library Monday seems like a good time to meet up. In future meetings it seems that an easier time for everyone would be at lunch time as I know we are all busy with our course projects.
Hopefully will see everyone at the library at 11 tomorrow

Friday, 11 February 2011

Group Name

Drum roll please


Prompts from Chris

Possible ways we could take our research

the mythological origins of the Olympics - Chris
the representation of the Olympics in film (Leni Riefenstahl, Kon Ichikawa) - Rhyan
political context/dimension of the Olympics - Max/Nuria
a critique of Olympics/the spectacle of sport - is it, like Marx said of religion, an 'opium of the people'? - Max/Nuria

In response to the Marxism side an article of the Vancouver olympics - Vancouver Olympics and Marxism

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I found these two articles that I found really quite interesting about the designer of the medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I thought this might be a nice path to research more into...

Article 1

Article 2


Hi guys I'm so sorry about this but I've just found out that I have another workshop session on friday morning that'll last probably until lunch time so I can meet you as soon as I finish if you want. If not we could meet after I finish on thursday afternoon which will be around half 4, 5...? or thursday lunch time?

Monday, 7 February 2011


Hi guys I took some books out of the library today that I will scower through and see if I can find anything interesting in.
If I find anything really interesting I will scan it and put in on here...

Saturday, 5 February 2011


Just a quick hello to my three fellow authors, I'm Chris. Max I know we know each other but hey anyway :P Thanks for setting this up, I have had a look at some stuff, and I will present it soon.
Hello to Rhyan and Nuria, I'm looking forward to meeting you two.
I was woundering when you three were free to meet up, maybe we could arrange a time where we are free every week and meet up then.

Friday, 4 February 2011

"These are the Olympics. You die before you quit" - Al Oerter (American four-time Discus Champion)

Another two articles I found on the history of Olympic Medals for reading:

Olympic Medal History by Brandy Willingham for

A Brief History of: Olympic Medals by Claire Suddeth for

In reference to the Claire Suddeth article a thought on the team name being Nike? The Goddess of Victory?

First articles to share

I found a couple of articles, not the best I must add, but it's something to get us underway.

An article written by Kimberly Green titled 'A Brief History of Olympic Medals' which can be found at the following link - 
This short article looks at the design aspect of the Olympic Medals through history.

Another article with a small amount of text is from by Jennifer Rosenberg titled 'Interesting Olympic Facts' which can be found at the link -
This article has many interesting Olympic games historical facts.

Group Name

It's good to see that Rhyan and Nuria have been able to set up their blogger, hopefully it wasn't too much hassle for you both but a welcome to you.

Anyway just to kick off with the first post I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for our group name at all?