Thursday, 17 February 2011

A talk with Tutor Chris

After Group D's seminar today Chris and I had a chat with Tutor Chris in response to the four sections which we will be looking individually at for our presentation. We explained to him about the troubled timetable as both Rhyan and Nuria struggle to be free due to workshops which can change frequently and he agreed that an individual effort which then turned into a collaborative effort would work well. This would also make sure that everyone had their say in the presentation. I spoke to Chris in our group afterwards and I feel that tomorrows meeting would not be efficient or successful so instead of a meeting tomorrow I suggest we wait until Monday between 11 and 2 so we have a weekend to come up with lots of research to talk about with each and discuss any other places which an individual could search into for their chosen topic within the Olympic Games. Hopefully Nuria and Rhyan can see this message and apologies to you all for this late decision. I just feel that it would be practical for everyone as I know of the timetable issues we all share.

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  1. Yes - your idea of each group member researching a different sub-topic and then coming together to share info and pull the presentation together sounds like an efficient way to proceed. Don't delay meeting up though - co-ordination and communication all the way down the line is key.