Thursday, 10 February 2011

Todays lunch time

What time will Rhyan and Nuria be going for lunch, and what time would you like to meet in the library?


  1. Hi I came up to the library just before lunch today but I couldn't see you...
    I now don't have a workshop session tomorrow morning so did you want to meet at 10 outside the library?

  2. Hey Ryhan, sorry about today, I had to leave at 1, I don't know what happened to Max. We was waiting for a reply from both of you but we didnt get one before lunch, maybe he thought you didn't see the post and didn't go...
    tomo is cool with me and max

  3. no I didn't see the post until I got home, sorry.
    ok then see you both at 10.

  4. Sorry I kept checking on the blog for a reply so I assumed that you werent going to be able to make it. Anyways cool 10 tomorrow morning it is.
    Are you and Nuria free for monday morning at all so we can all meet up as Nuria will be in London tomorrow.