Friday, 4 February 2011

Group Name

It's good to see that Rhyan and Nuria have been able to set up their blogger, hopefully it wasn't too much hassle for you both but a welcome to you.

Anyway just to kick off with the first post I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for our group name at all?


  1. I'm sure with a topic like you've got, you can come up with a 'winning' name ! :)

  2. Hiya,
    thanks Max, it was good to meet you breifly the other day. Am looking forward to getting into this research, just am slightly unsure where to start at the moment...
    I have to say I am terrible at thinking of team names, but I am sure we will come up with something wonderfully comical and witty.

  3. Thanks for the input Jackie :P
    And the same to you Rhyan.
    It's rather tough searching for valid articles in research and I'm sure the library online resource may be able to help us (hopefully).
    And yes I don't think I'm the best for team names either but in future meetings I'm sure we will be able to put our heads together.

  4. Just a hint you lot - don't necessarily think that you need to restrict your research to the medal alone; the medal could be thought of as representative of the Olympics more generally...

  5. hi!:) i just found in the library a book about sports and have information about the olympics since 1896 until now...who won gold medals and in what...and about the group idea...

  6. Thanks Nuria, sorry chris pointed out your comment this morning so I have only just seen it. We will have a chat about the group name on Friday morning when we meet I'm sure we will come up with something